4. Tweaks, Questions

Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 12:00 am by Jerry Rivard

Note: This is part of a short series of posts describing how to use this blog. You should delete the series before going live with the blog.

There are many possible variations about the way the blog can be organized and how it can appear.

Right now, it is set up so that all posts will be summarized on the first page. That’s no big deal if you have a small number of posts, but as time goes on the list gets longer, so there needs to be a way to limit the number of posts shown on one page. There many options, like only showing the current month or limiting what you show to a specific number. These are the kinds of things we can tweak.

Another example is that as I mentioned earlier, there are links to Categories (see ‘Tutorial’ on the main page) on the main page but no links to Tags. I can add links to Tags, or remove the links to Categories, or whatever you want to do. Some things are easy and some will take some work, but ask me about whatever you want to change and I’ll tell you whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours.

Whatever changes you want to make to the function or appearance of the blog, and whatever questions you have, please let me know. This is by no means a thorough introduction to blogging. I’ve left major holes (comments, for example) but I’ve at least steered you in the right general direction.

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